Startup Internship Program 2015

Levi Baer and Omar Ortiz.

Levi Baer of Levi Baer Consulting, LLC and Omar Ortiz

Thanks to a grant from the John E. and Jeanne T. Hughes Foundation, the Coleman Entrepreneurship Center was once again able to sponsor DePaul undergraduate student internships at Chicago startups in the summer of 2015. After a competitive interview process, 6 qualified students were selected from a pool of 30 student applicants. The selected students reviewed applications from 36 startup organizations to determine where they would work for 125 hours over 12 weeks of the summer.

Students discovered what it was like to work in the fast-paced entrepreneurial environment. The brief video below captures their comments about this hands-on learning experience.

The 2015 Startup Internship Program student interns:

Sophomore Jasmine Farley, a Computer Science/Software Engineering major, worked for FanPay, a crowdfunding website helping college athletes earn an education.

Alyssa Prince and Kurt Akers of Kannatopia.

Alyssa Prince and Kurt Akers of Kannatopia.

Taylor Jennings, a DePaul junior double-majoring in Business/Hospitality Leadership and Marketing, was an intern at Chicago Foodseum, the first nonprofit food museum.

Junior Lena Newkold, a Management/Entrepreneurship major with a minor in Studio Art, worked at Meliora K, a sustainable cleaning products company.

Omar Ortiz (pictured above, top right), a DePaul sophomore double-majoring in Marketing and Finance, interned at Levi Baer Consulting, LLC, a consulting company that brings teams and organizations to new levels of awareness, cohesion, and productivity.

Senior Management/Entrepreneurship major, Alyssa Prince (pictured right), was an intern at Kannatopia, a social media company focused on connecting the cannabis industry.

Annie Schmittgens (pictured below), a junior majoring in Management/Entrepreneurship with a minor in Studio Art, was an intern at Spare to Share, an online private sharing network within residential buildings.

Annie at Spare to Share

Annie Schmittgens working hard at Spare to Share