Ready to Turn Your Lackluster Ideas into Brilliant Ones?

Alex Bruton. Research tells us that there’s something like a 99.998% chance the idea that just popped into your head won’t go on to have a high impact. But you can change that.

Join us on Thursday, February 26th, 6-8pm in DPC 8005 as we host one of North America’s biggest innovative thinkers, Dr. Alex Bruton. Dr. Bruton is coming to DePaul from Calgary, Canada to give you practical, visually engaging tools to help you turn your hunches into really big value ideas!

Come ignite your imagination and have your thinking challenged with this inspiring call to action from Dr. Bruton, founder of the Innographer. Hear stories of others who’ve learned to develop Big Value Ideas and walk away with a practical toolkit you can use right away to deliberately change your odds of entrepreneurial success. Please register for this evening event with Dr. Alex Bruton here.