Launch DePaul Application Overview 2015

Launch-DePaul-icon-blue-100The online app for accepting submissions to Launch DePaul 2015 is now open. To assist you in your planning, here is the information you will be requested to include:

  1. General information about the team members, including names, email addresses, ID numbers, anticipated graduation years (if applicable), preferred phone numbers and each member’s connection to DePaul.
  1. Information about each team member’s role, skills, education level, schools, past companies, past projects, URLs, etc.
  1. The name, URL, and a brief description of your company and its product or service. (75 words max)
  1. Describe your value proposition. What is the problem you are solving? (75 words max)
  1. What’s new, interesting, or different about what your company will do? (75 words max)
  1. Provide information on current or likely competitors, and include key differentiators. (200 words max)
  1. How do you plan to make money? What are your revenue streams? (150 words max)
  1. What is your cost structure? What is the most expensive cost inherent in your business model? (150 words max)
  1. How far along are you? (75 words max)
  1. If you have accepted outside funding, please describe sources and amounts. (75 words max)
  1. Describe any market research or customer feedback you have gathered. What have you learned? (200 words max)
  1. How do you plan to get your first (or next) customers? (150 words max)
  1. How do you plan to grow? (200 words max)
  1. If you receive funding for your company (either from this competition or elsewhere), how do you intend to use the funds? (150 words max)
  1. Is there any other information you would like to share? (150 words max)

Launch DePaul 2015 Application Overview