Startup Internship Program 2014

In the summer of 2014, three undergraduate DePaul students took part in our new Startup Internship Program. Working side-by-side with Chicago entrepreneurs, each discovered what it was like to be inside a startup — the daily challenges, the pivots in response to user feedback, and the satisfaction of work well done. The brief video below captures their comments about this hands-on learning experience.

The 2014 Startup Internship Program student interns:

Senior Science and Health major, John Orrico, was an intern at ProofX, a company focused on implementing 3D printing technology into healthcare.

DePaul Senior, Ian Stellmach, a Management/ Entrepreneurship major with a minor in Computer Science, is worked as a design intern and project manager for Spare to Share, an online company that helps users share, rent or sell their personal goods to the world.

Danny Rigoni, a DePaul Junior double-majoring in Real Estate and Finance, was an intern at ThreadMeUp as their business development intern, conducting market research, writing web content, and assisting in sales and marketing for the company.

The Startup Internship Program was funded by a grant from the John E. and Jeanne T. Hughes Foundation. Through their generosity, we have expanded the program in Summer 2015 to six DePaul undergraduates.