Purpose Pitch: New Venture Competition

The Coleman Entrepreneurship Center held the first Purpose Pitch Competition, a NEW new venture competition on May 11, 2017. This competition sets itself a part from others because we are promoting entrepreneurs to build what they believe with a purpose driven business idea. We believe purpose is innate wishing any company and has to be accessed to reach its full potential. Current DePaul University undergraduate and graduate students, as well as alumni, were eligible to compete. After a competitive process, 4 startups were accepted to do a 5-minute pitch their business and purpose. Startups focused their presentations not only on the business model, but the overarching purpose and problem they are solving in society. A total of $25,000 in prize money was awarded to contestants.

Winner of the competition was Early Vention, an organization that designs comprehensive activity boxes with visual, sensory, and interactive components. They were awarded $20,000 in prizes to accelerate their company to fulfill their purpose.


Other contestants included…

Second Shift, a community-focused coworking space that backs a mission behind supporting, promoting, and connecting their members while also driving high social impact within their neighborhood.

Springboard Theatre Company, a Lincoln Park and DePaul based organization that serves to provide unique theatre opportunities to underrepresented communities.

PraxiCut, an organization dedicated to the creation of technologies for stimulating the complete and complex experience of performing surgery.

Pictures by 1871/Gregory Rothstein:

Special thank you to all of the sponsors that made the first Purpose Pitch possible: Mabbly, Technori, Freshii, RXBAR, Half Acre, Mainstream Advisors, and PBG.

Chief of Staff at Mabbly Alex Blair and Bruce Leech Executive Director of the Coleman Entrepreneurship Center