EIA – Italy Study Abroad Program

The European Innovation Academy (EIA) is offering its 7th Edition in Turin, Italy from July 9th to 28th, 2017 including working visits to Milan and Rome. Together with DePaul

University and the Coleman Entrepreneurship Center (CEC), we are offering an opportunity to participate in this intensive program in Italy. DePaul students would also be taking MGT370 Business Plan in Spring 2017, as a pre-requisite for this program. This program and MGT 370 will be led by Bruce Leech, Executive Director of the CEC. Students would receive 4 credits for this program as an MGT Independent Study Course for the Summer Quarter 2017.

The EIA program involves over 600 participants, 90 universities and 68 nationalities. It is truly a unique opportunity to work on developing a business, along with students from around the world. There will also be over 150 international speakers from Silicon Valley, the UK and Asia. Students will develop an idea and launch a tech start-up in 15 days. This program has been developed by UC Berkeley, Stanford and Google. It is considered the World’s Largest Accelerator for Innovations with university involvement. EIA is your chance to experience the real start-up life. The program provides an opportunity to work in a multidisciplinary and international start-up team. During the program, you will benefit from the daily mentoring by Silicon Valley mentors and networking with like-minded individuals in a new culture. You will have the chance to pitch to a prestigious panel of investors (Amazon Capital, Intel Capital, Garage Technology Ventures)

Program Overview

Week 1: Ideation & team formation in Turin 9th July, led by UC Berkeley. Customer Validation Session in Milan, 13th July.

Week 2: MVP launch & business Model ln Turin, led by Google. Product Showcase Session in Rome, 21st July.

Week 3: Raising money & 1000 customers In Turin, led by Stanford. 1-on-1 VC pitching Sessions in Turin, 28th July. Program concludes.

Program Cost

The cost for the EIA program is as follows (travel and food are estimates):

EIA Program Cost $1600

Accommodations 800

Travel (Chi to Turin) 1200*

Food 1000*

TOTAL $4600

*cost is only an estimate, subject to final booking of airline ticket and actual meals.

Students will not be paying DePaul for tuition during this program and course credit will be

transferred from this program to DePaul as MGT, Independent Study course. Deadline for

application for this program is April 30 and the EIA required payment of $2400. Travel and

food expenses will be paid directly by the student to the airline and restaurant venues at the

time of the program.

Entrepreneurship & Innovation Course Syllabus

Name of the course: Entrepreneurship & Innovation Summer Program Credits: 4 ECTS (Transferred to DePaul as MGT Independent Study Course)

Course language: English

Course duration: 4 weeks (156 h) 1 pre-week online + 3 weeks onsite Technology focus:

Web & Mobile Applications, Internet of Things, Big Data, Business Software

Methodology partners: UC Berkeley, Stanford University, Google Location: Turin, Italy

Info: www.inacademy.eu

Course Essence

The European Innovation Academy’s (EIA) Entrepreneurship & Innovation Summer School is the world’s largest entrepreneurship summer course focused on IT innovations. The

accelerated mode of learning turns an idea into a startup in only 15 days! The goal of the course is to inspire the entrepreneurial and ambitious participants to innovate and prompt rapid growth; with the aim to achieve at least a 100M EUR valuation for their business. The course nurtures the necessary mindset, skills and knowledge, as well as provides the tools and network in order to achieve set goals. The course is taught through a real-life customer development context where students acquire the skills and knowhow to develop their business idea all the way from the conceptual stage to the market place. They are guided in building a scalable business model via real-life experiments at a real marketplace with rea customer feedback, and launch the MVP (minimum viable product) to build real market traction and acquire their first 1,000 customers. The challenge rolls out in a learning environment corresponding to current and future workplace requirements cross-functional and virtual teams with crowdsourced work tasks, multicultural work force and extremely demanding organization, planning and communication skills. Daily mentoring and support by experienced professionals from various business, marketing, IT and design backgrounds is an essential part of the course. In this way, participants benefit from a unique hands-on learning experience of a genuine startup life.

A testimonial by Ken Singer, UC Berkeley, Director at the Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology:

The Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology (CET) has trained and taught over 5,000 entrepreneurship students at UC Berkeley for the past decade. No program has been more impactful on our students than the EIA Summer Abroad. Through the one month intensive program, we’ve transformed the careers paths of some of Berkeley’s best undergraduates and EIA has quickly become one of the cornerstones of Berkeley’s venerable entrepreneurship pedagogy. But our students say it the best: “What you all created for me this summer was a safe space for experimentation, exploration, failure, innovation, and it quickly became the most genuine learning experience of my adult life so far. Three months after this program had ended, I still think about it (and probably talk about it) on a daily basis. The experiences I had at EIA 2016 offered serious challenges that have made me more aware of the world and more insightful about myself.

All of this wrapped up in the context of a beautiful and technologically open society gave a glimmer of hope to where the world can go with the right technological advancement”.

Course Value

The course offers participants unparalleled value through:

● constant interaction with real stakeholders in real-time;

● working in interdisciplinary, in real and virtual environs;

● learning abroad in a multicultural environment;

● knowledge transfer in daily mentoring by top experts;

● gamifying the learning experience;

● learning together with entrepreneurs;

● imposed creativity for excellent time and resources management;

● creating and exploiting an invaluable network of like-minded ambitious talents.

Learning Outcomes and Benefits

The most important outcome for the participants is knowing what it really feels, looks, sounds, tastes and is like to be an entrepreneur – with all the good and the bad, the up and the down sides. With everything that normally remains untold in the classrooms and with everything one cannot even imagine before just trying it out. The course offers participants a safe but at the same time a genuine environment for testing themselves as entrepreneurs and realizing if this is what they really want to become – and if they have what it takes. Equally, the course provides all participants an opportunity very unique in a learning situation – to understand what it takes and how it works to turn an idea into a real business. A chance to see up close and personal how a variety of different competencies and activities need to be covered is a first time experience for many. That a great idea isn’t great until your customers have proved you so. That a good application alone is useless if it doesn’t have a user friendly design. That even a perfectly designed solution is worth nothing if there isn’t good marketing to bring it to the users. That a team of highly skilled and motivated people are not necessarily efficient if management is not in place. That all other efforts may end in a failure if the IP is not protected and the product is copied. And so on. The Entrepreneurship & Innovation Summer School is therefore a true eye-opener for no matter which participant profile.

More Information

The complete EIA syllabus and program can be found on-line at the following link. For more

information, you can also visit the Coleman Entrepreneurship Center at DePaul.



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