CEC Mentorship Program

  • CEC Mentors Program Overview

Each year DePaul will invite distinguished entrepreneurs, established business executives or professional advisors to join our CEC Mentors Program.  Members of CEC Mentors will collaborate with the Coleman Entrepreneurship Center to assist in fulfilling its mission, executing its plans, and advancing its overall outcomes through direct contact with student entrepreneurs.  Through this cooperation, CEC Mentors will increase the CEC’s visibility and outreach to the entrepreneurship community.

CEC Mentors will work one-on-one with qualified students to help them develop their businesses and build their entrepreneurial skills. CEC Mentors will provide advice, counsel, financial support and assistance to the Executive Director of the CEC and the entrepreneurship faculty and staff.  This advice, counsel, and assistance will be sought from CEC Mentors on a broad range of issues such as CEC services and activities, events, workshops, DePaul’s entrepreneurship curriculum depth and breadth, industry and market trends, and external funding to advance CEC initiatives.

  • Mentee Program Overview

Open to all DePauul students and alumni, the CEC Mentors program provides tremendous opportunities for students to expand their networks and get critical and immediate feedback on their ventures or entrepreneurial career goals and aspirations.

Current DePaul students and alumni can register for the CEC Mentorship Program here. Mentees are expected to come prepared with questions, based on their ideas, opinions, and strategies for potential or actual business ventures and/or pursuing their entrepreneurial aspirations. Mentees are encouraged to meet with a CEC Mentor who is active in fields that capture the student’s interest.

Benefits for Mentees

The CEC Mentors offer participating student mentees:

  1. A one-on-one meeting with an experienced, innovative and highly successful entrepreneur/business executive.
  2. Ideas and feedback on the student’s business concept, strategy or venture.
  3. The chance to learn best practices for starting and running a business.
  4. Insight into specific industries or markets.
  5. The opportunity to broaden the student’s professional network.
  6. Potential opportunity for a relationship to grow out of this meeting, if it is mutually beneficial.

Please note that CEC Mentor meetings are not recruiting or fundraising visits. Students may not discuss job opportunities with the CEC Mentor or ask for funding. In addition, students are advised that, consistent with industry practice, CEC Mentors are not asked to sign confidentiality agreements prior to participating in the program. CEC Mentors should always operate under the assumption that any communication about the student’s venture (written or oral), absent a written and signed agreement, is not legally protected.

Current DePaul students and alumni can register for the CEC Mentorship Program here