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1871 – Outsourcing is Dead! Near-shoring is In! with Greg Stevens

August 16, 2018 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am

In this workshop, we will cover current trends in the market for finding the highest quality, reliable and well-priced software development resources with a focus on Latin America.

Prerequisites for the Workshop:
This workshop is for startups who need technology development resources from Web Apps/Mobile, UI/UX, Big Data Analytics, etc.  The participants need knowledge of their technology needs and an interest in finding high-quality partners to “Nearshore” their tech development needs is the only prerequisite for this workshop

Any technology startup or startup founder who needs software development resources in all languages, UI/UX designers, Big Data Analytics, etc. Essentially any technology development needs for their startup firm. This will apply to companies at all levels of development as currently Chicago firms and V.C. groups of all sizes are “Nearshoring to Latin America” (Ex:

We will cover:
1. What to look for in a good partner to find partners for “nearshoring” software development resource
2. How to engage with these partners and work with them to achieve effective results at a lower price than hiring a full-time development team in the U.S. or giving away equity to a tech co-founder.
3. Trends: “You get what you pay for”, why the market is shifting from India-China to Latin America ( cultural similarities, same time zone, U.S. trained developers and designers, major U.S. firms using Latin American tech resources already as a precedent, etc.)
4. Examples and case studies of Chicago technology firms and V.C. Firms of small, medium and large size already Nearshoring to get their products and services to market with high-quality results

During this workshop, attendees will learn:
– Best practices in finding inexpensive yet effective tech development resources with a focus on the best firms in Latin America
– What to look (characteristics) for in the ideal nearshoring partners (size, location, existing clients, relevance to your business, speed to market, etc)
– Where to find the best nearshoring resources (best nations in Latin America and specific companies of high quality)
– “Testing the Nearshoring Partner”: How to negotiate best to ensure a good price for tech dev resources for your firm, common negotiation tactics find someone who can be a true “go-to-market partner” as opposed to just a service provider
Santiago Gil Bohórquez considers himself as a passionate nnovator as a way of life. He has focused on designing and commercializing IT solutions in a wide range of organizations and technologies across the US and Latin America. He’s an enthusiast IT Professional with a Commercial, Software Architecture and Project Management background, and 14+ years of experience.
At the moment Santiago is Commercial Manager at Heinsohn Business Technology. Heinsohn is a nearshore leading software development and consultancy firm with 40 years in the market, which manages the entire pension system for 18 million residents in Colombia and conducts over 100 million financial transactions per year. Also, they provide the back-end solution for DHL, the worlds largest logistics handler in addition to big data analytics and solutions for major corporations in banking, logistics, and tech startups all over the globe.
Bio for Greg Stevens: 
Founder at Expat Accelerator & Managing Director at TerraBridge Partners

Greg’s work as International Technology Entrepreneur and Connector includes providing macroeconomic strategy advice to federal ministries of technology, leading incubators and accelerator programs in Latin America and internationalization of scalable and disruptive technology companies in the United States along with cross-pollination of these leading Latin American technology companies in other Latin American markets. Prior to the founding of TerraBridge and the Expat Accelerator in Chicago, Greg was recruited to manage the International Trade Center at the Chicago Chamber of Commerce.

Greg has a love for international business and foreign cultures. Greg is a ‘permanent resident” of Colombia and has lived in Spain, Ecuador, Mexico and Brazil for long periods of time, sometimes months-years. As a result of these experiences, he has developed a skill set that allows him to quickly assimilate and absorb cultural norms within a nation, country, or region.

Register Here: https://goo.gl/9kS5u3


August 16, 2018
10:00 am - 11:00 am


1871 – South Classroom
222 W Merchandise Mart Plaza #1212
Chicago, IL 60654 United States
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