We had an outstanding year in 2013! We would like to thank many members of the DePaul University community and friends of the Coleman Entrepreneurship Center for your support during the past year, and to recap what we’ve accomplished with your help:

* Informal gathering with DP entrepreneurial alumni in San Francisco, January 2013
Thanks for assistance from Elizabeth Hollendoner and our Advancement team

* Student Innovation Awards @ 1871, January 2013
Thanks to Lisa Gundry, Javier Monllor, and the Center for Creativity and Innovation for co-hosting this event

* Presentation on self-employment during DePaul’s Career Week, February 18, 2013
Thanks to Rachel Clark from Alumni Relations

* Coleman Grant to jump-start our efforts in relaunching our programs, March 2013
Thanks to Mike Hennessy, the Coleman Foundation, and Abena Apea and DePaul’s Office of Research Services

* Our co-hosting of CDM’s Job Fair, featuring Chicago entrepreneurial startups we recruited to take part, April 15, 2013
Thanks to Terry Steinbach and other colleagues at CDM, as well as Sarah Highstone and DePaul’s Career Center

*Cross-Campus Advisory Team Luncheon, with participants from throughout the DePaul campus, May 2013
Thanks to our entire Cross-Campus Advisory Team for supporting our efforts to introduce entrepreneurship in the classroom across disciplines

* Three events featuring Crain’s 40 Under 40 business leaders, attracting students, alums, and area entrepreneurs at each event:

Thanks to the Chicago Family Business Council for being our co-host, to Chris Collins and our Corporate Development team, and the Coleman Foundation for support of our first two events in this series

* Hosted the Entrepreneurship Leaders of the Midwest (ELM) inaugural meeting, with 13 entrepreneurship educators and center directors from 9 regional institutions, July 21, 2013
Thanks to the many DePaul colleagues who warmly welcomed our guests

* New DePaul website launch, Fall 2013
Thanks to Kathy Hillegonds, Robin Florzak, Ovetta Sampson, Benjamin Miranda and numerous others for your help

* Our new email newsletter, On the Radar, sent to 2500+ subscribers twice a month, launched September 2013 (5 issues in 2013)
Thanks to the Coleman Foundation for supporting this effort

* Kick-off event at Lincoln Park Campus on September 24, 2013, featuring 3 Chicago entrepreneurs: Mason Cole, RJ Pahura, and Lina Khalil
Co-hosted with DePaul CEO Club

* Event on Finding a Mentor, part of Crain’s Small Business Week, October 1, 2013, featuring Chicago entrepreneurs: Mona Pearl (DP alum), Lori Igleski (DP alum) and Robert Carmody
Co-hosted with DePaul CEO Club

* Student PitchFest, October 16, 2013
Thanks to Lisa Gundry and the Center for Creativity and Innovation for being our co-hosts, and to entrepreneurs Kyle Joseph (DP alum), Carol Oman, Lance Neuhauser (DP alum), G. Deon Bradley (DP alum) for being our pitch coaches

* Student event on Hospitality Entrepreneurs, featuring Stu Waters and Joel Sorinsky, October 26, 2013
Thanks to Shelley Gibbons, our co-hosts in DePaul’s Hospitality program and the student CEO Club

* Fund it!, our day-long conference featuring 16 leading experts in entrepreneurship and finance on October 29, 2013
Thanks to John Lump, RJ Pahura, Sue Arens, Tom Nguyen, Lisa Riley and our Corporate Development Team, and countless others for your help

*New microsite launched with the Center’s calendar, blog and news, November 2013
Thanks to the Coleman Foundation for supporting this effort

* Student event on Startups in Technology, featuring Jared Steffes (DP alum) and Becky Davis, November 13, 2013
Thanks to Terry Steinbach for moderating, our co-hosts in CDM, and the student CEO Club

* Business Pitch Competition with District 214 (Mount Prospect and Rolling Meadows High Schools), December 10, 2013
Thanks to Will Manzo of DePaul’s Undergraduate Admissions Office and to our entrepreneurial judges: Rania El-Sorrogy (DP Alum), Kyle Joseph (DP Alum), RJ Pahura, Matt Ragas (DP professor)

* The addition of two new members to the Center’s Advisory Board: Greg Silich and Leo Friedman
Thanks to the ongoing support of our current Advisory Board members, the tireless efforts of our co-chairs, Joan Hannant and Jill Hebert, and our Advancement Team

* Installation of a big-screen monitor to promote our events and services to students on the 8th floor
Thanks to Benjamin Miranda and DePaul’s Facility Operations team

* We conducted 107 one-on-one advising sessions with DePaul undergraduate and graduate students and recent alumni, and served an estimated 744 students, alumni, faculty, and Chicago entrepreneurs
Thanks to the Coleman Foundation for grant assistance to help us enhance our advising program

*Thanks to Sarah Moore in DePaul’s Human Resources Joe Mix in DePaul’s Student Employment Office for making our team expansion a smooth process.

* We are fortunate to work with a talented team of Entrepreneurship faculty: Harold Welsch, Lisa Gundry, Patrick J. Murphy, Javier Monllor, Raman Chadha, John Lump, and other adjunct faculty

Lastly, thank you to all of you at DePaul who have become friends of the Center this year: our faculty and staff, Career Center, Department of Advancement, and all cross-campus departments. We look forward to another successful year of working together in 2014!